Who I am and what I'm all about

I am a travel photgrapher from the UK.

My style is hard to pinpoint.  i wouldn't describe myself as a travel photogropher as they are aimed at entertainment, not would I describe my style as photojournlism, as I am not a photojournalist.  I'm not here trying to take an endless string of glassy waters and streaky skies but neither am I trying to push your moral boundries.   I attempt travel photography from a serious perspective, trying to see deeper and embed a story in each picture.

I am not an expert.  I am a novice.  I have no degree or formal training.  I am self taught.

This site documents my education, my portfolio documents my successes.  You are welcome to observe both.


Contact Me

To contact me regarding work, collaborations, suggestions, website problems, abuse or free baskets of money please e-mail me here:

I am currently in or around..... Gdansk--Poznan--Wroclaw--Krakow--Lviv--Kiev--Lublin--Warsaw

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